PyShaderc: Compile to Spir-V like a boss

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Like you know, Vulkan needs to be fed with Spir-V shaders. To do so, you will write your shader in glsl and you will use shaderc or glslang to compile your Glsl code into Spir-V (shaderc uses glslang internally).

Currently, you must use the command line or C/C++ code to compile your shaders.


PyShaderc is a wrapper around shaderc (using cffi internally) that gives you the ability to compile your shader to Spir-V in only one line of Python!

Let’s take a look

Install it

pip install pyshaderc

Run it

import pyshaderc
spirv = pyshaderc.compile_file_into_spirv('/tmp/myshader.vs.glsl', 'vert')

The variable spirv contains your Spir-V code! Another module to add into vulk. This allows you to work only with Glsl code, like with OpenGL.

More informations on Github: PyShaderc